Oct 4, 2016 Hair

Bottoms Up: 6 Genius Ways to Use Vodka in Your Beauty Routine

by Lisa Patulny


Like most of my mates (and maybe you too?), I have a love/hate relationship with vodka. Love it when I'm sipping on a Moscow Mule of a Saturday arvo, hate it (x1000) the following morning. Regardless of how hungover I'm feeling, there's one thing I can always rely on the Russian tipple for—hacking my beauty routine. Believe it or not, vodka is surprisingly good for lots of things beyond knocking up Cosmopolitans and Bloody Marys. In celebration of National Vodka Day, I'm sharing the genius ways the internet has taught me to use the beverage. From DIY facial toner to homemade clarifying shampoo, keep scrolling for six clever ways to use vodka in your beauty regime. Nostrovia!

Depending on whether you're A-okay with using alcohol on your face (it can sensitise some skin types) you might like to try making your own toner using vodka. To DIY an oil-balancing spritz, mix together enough distilled water to fill three quarters of a mist bottle, 1 tbsp. vodka and a few drops of jojoba oil. To kick things up a notch, distill a skin-loving herb (like rosemary) in the vodka for a few days before you start.

This one may sound a bit weird, but think of the shine you get after you've doused your hair in beer. (Never tried it? Here's why you should.) Adding a splash of vodka to your usual shampoo helps nix product build-up and remove minerals from hard water. It's also thought to act as a disinfectant, fighting off bacteria that could be contributing to dandruff. If you give this one a go, be sure to follow with a quality conditioner afterwards. We love Hello Hair's hydrating formula ($27).

The origin of this vodka DIY is pretty easy to see considering most hand sanitisers rely on alcohol to kill bacteria and germs. To make your own hand sanitiser gel, simply fill a small disposable pump bottle with vodka, aloe vera and essential oils. (Find an easy-to-make recipe here.)

If you find yourself binning rusty disposable razors far too often, this vodka beauty hack will help. After you've finished shaving, drop your disposable razor blade-down in a small cup of vodka. The alcohol helps eliminate traces of water, keeping the metal parts rust-free. While you're at it, check out this free hack for keeping razor blades sharp—tell the Mr., too.

Calling all fitness junkies—this vodka hack could actually be life-changing. If you've ever bought a reusable gel ice pack only to have it go rock solid after a single use, you'll be pleased to know you can make one yourself at home using vodka. Pour equal parts vodka and water into a resealable bag and freeze until semi-solid. The alcohol keeps the whole thing in a slushie-like state, meaning it'll always be ready to ice sore muscles. Brilliant, right?

This one is so clever it surprised even beauty hack-jaded me. According to Wellness Mama, to create a natural dry shampoo spray all you need to do is mix water and vodka with an absorbent substance like arrowroot. Unlike regular dry shampoo (which is, of course, dry) this homemade version requires you to spray on greasy areas then blast with a hairdryer. A little less convenient, sure, but worth the extra two minutes of styling for an all-natural product. (And still faster than washing your hair.)

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