Dec 7, 2017 Skin

This Ancient Beauty Practice Is the Secret to Jesinta Franklin’s Glowy Skin

by Lisa Patulny


If you ask me, Jesinta Franklin is something of a national treasure. The former pageant queen (and current model and style icon) knows how to work a smoky eye and tousled waves, yes, but it's her ability to be outspoken on important social issues I love the most. Personally, I find her openness around mental health in particular both refreshing and courageous. That said, there's no getting away from the fact that girl has it going on. So when her new tome Live A Beautiful Life ($35) dropped last spring, I found myself obsessively scanning the pages for her best beauty tips like a madwoman.

Among the advice on everything from wellness-boosting supplements to sleep (plus her favourite exercise moves and recipes), Franklin includes a write up on the ancient beauty practice she credits with giving her "incredibly silky smooth" skin. Called gua sha, it involves whipping up a scrub using some pretty standard DIY fixings along with something a little more surprising—vodka. Franklin uses the skin-smoothing scrub to deeply cleanse and hydrate her body, and says it can be a helpful remedy for anyone suffering from body acne.

Keep scrolling for the recipe.


Courtesy of Jesinta Franklin


  • Triple-distilled vodka
  • Aluminum-free bi-carb soda
  • Coconut oil
  • Jar with lid


Fill about 80 per cent of the jar with bi-carb soda. Add vodka a little at a time, mixing it as you go. Aim for a putty-like consistency. To use, get into the shower and wet your body. Turn the water off and apply the gua sha scrub all over, avoiding sensitive areas. Use a body glove or loofah to work the scrub in circular motions all over your body. Rinse off, towel dry, and apply coconut oil from head to toe.