OK, I'll Say It: I Think My Job Gives Me Beauty Anxiety

Hallie Gould

I’m up late doing photo research for a makeup piece, scrolling through a popular artist’s photographs on Instagram. Wow, her bone structure is gorgeous, I think as I keep clicking and screenshotting. I wonder if she’s had work done. Her skin lays so flat against her cheekbones. It’s so tight around her jawline. She’s probably had work done, I conclude.

Browsing the app again before falling asleep, I realise I look at people differently because of my job. I think back to a time when I couldn’t spot hair extensions from a mile away and didn’t know the telltale evidence of fillers. Normal people don’t know the difference between Botox and Dysport, I think as I continue scrolling—face after face, model after model. I drift off and have a dream about my teeth falling out.

You do the maths.

FYI: This $350 facial made my entire face scab over (but now I’m glowing).

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