This Is How a Vogue Model Balances Burgers With Pilates

Emily Algar

Ajak Deng is a rare breed. She's a model, yes, and a crazy-successful one at that, but not once during our 20-minute interview did she so much as whisper an insane diet plan or impossible workout regime. Actually, Deng told me that her go-to pre-flight snack is a juicy burger from Shake Shake at JFK! Refreshingly honest? You bet. Don't get me wrong though, she balances her burgers out with a healthy dose of power walking and Pilates to keep her feeling her best (a must when you're fronting the likes of Vogue and Harper's on the reg). 

Deng was recently in Sydney to promote her latest partnership with The Body Shop, in particular the 'Play for Peace' Christmas Campaign. FYI, every gift bought from The Body Shop this festive season will assist in supporting refugee children affected by war in Syria. At a time of year that's so centered around consumerism, it's a great opportunity to give back and help those who are truly in need. Also, Deng grew up as a refugee, meaning the campaign is extra close to her heart.

Back to the interview... it was set in a suite at The Langham (my favourite hotel), where Deng was warm, friendly, and extremely candid. If you're interested in burgers, beauty, or extremely handy products recommendations, keep scrolling for the full Q&A.  

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