6 Insanely Skilled African Beauty Bloggers Share Their Best Makeup Secrets

Maya Allen

Beauty bloggers have lit up the industry with their impeccable skills. Their ability to influence the masses with their dominant digital presence is inspiring, to say the least. These women are a force on the Internet and we love learning from them. Every beauty-obsessed woman is in search of new ways to kill her next hair and makeup look, which makes watching their YouTube videos so worthwhile. Many of these self-made beauty bloggers have built a dedicated following on their own, while juggling full-time jobs, school, and other responsibilities. It goes without saying that their beauty skills are something else, but their hustle is next-level.

There can never be enough representation in the beauty world for women of colour, which is why I’m always screenshotting stunning looks and sharing videos of diverse beauty bloggers I love. I reached out to the best African beauty bloggers in the game to hear how they made it. You’re going to want to take notes on the products they keep in rotation and their game-changing makeup secrets. Read on and prepare to be inspired by their success stories.

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