From 1999 to 2016: See Adriana Lima's Incredible Victoria's Secret Evolution

Victoria Hoff


As the world tunes into the broadcast of the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tonight, the buzz about newcomers like Bella Hadid is sure to reach a fever pitch. But we also love seeing the show's veterans return year after year—and in the case of Adriana Lima, it's been nearly two decades since she donned her Angel wings for the first time, in 1999.

Tonight marks the Brazilian beauty's 17th(!) show with Victoria's Secret, cementing her as the longest-running face of the brand. This is all much to the awe of even her fellow models: Gigi Hadid called Lima out in an Instagram post last week, saying that she was "honored" and "grateful" to walk the runway with her.

And what better way to pay homage to her impressive run than by going all the way back to the beginning? Click through the slideshow below to see Lima's incredible Victoria's Secret beauty evolution, from 1999 to today.

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