5 Honest, Personal Stories From Women Who Have Gotten Abortions

Hallie Gould

Deciding whether or not you're ready to bear a child is never easy—it's made even more difficult by decades of controversy, political rhetoric, socioeconomic preparedness, limited resources, misinformation, and even medical circumstances. Regardless of the situational details, the ability to make choices and yield control over your own body are ideologies I will always stand behind.

During a time when activism and female empowerment stand at the forefront of our media consumption, abortions as a topic are mysterious and largely unspoken. The emotional and highly polarising discussion about abortion often eclipses the details of the process itself and the psychological impact of making that decision. As a society, we are massively uneducated about the procedures, allowing the conversation to vacillate from facts to fiction in mere moments. So much so that Black Mirror wrote a wildly misleading and medically inaccurate abortion plotline as part of the fourth season—the episode confused the abortion pill (a series of pills meant to terminate a pregnancy—the first blocks the body's progesterone, while the others induce miscarriage) with the Plan B pill (an emergency contraceptive that temporarily stops the release of an egg from your ovary to prevent pregnancy).

Without a proper understanding, we're all vulnerable to propaganda, fear, and misinformation. I can't imagine how many people had to approve that script before the episode aired. Tiptoeing around the specifics regarding the choice to terminate a pregnancy will only perpetuate what is already an incubator for intense shame, guilt, secrecy, and dissension.

With that in mind, I reached out to people who have experienced an abortion to share their stories, each one diverse in reasoning, age, and takeaways. Read their thoughtful words below.

Please note that sensitive content is ahead. 

To learn more about reproductive health, contact your local GP. 

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