3 Ab Moves That Will Undo What You Did Over Christmas

Lisa Patulny

If you managed to navigate the festive season without putting on a single kilo, I salute you. (I also want your secrets to iron-clad willpower—email me.) Jokes aside, it can be tough to escape December without putting on a little extra padding; it’s the month most of us put exercise on pause and indulge a little more than usual. Even if you do succeed in keeping up your workouts, extra servings of roast ham and pavlova alone can be the culprit behind tighter waistbands come January.

As we know, clean eating and exercise are key to whittling down your waist, but according to Sporteluxe, there are three moves in particular that’ll help send love handles packing. Even better: you can do them all from home. Bikini season is far from over so grab a Yoga Everywhere workout mat ($129) and get going.


Keep scrolling to see the 3 ab-toning moves that'll undo what you did over Christmas.


Which moves do you favour for toning abs? Share them with us in the comments below, and be sure to read the rest of the article on Sporteluxe.


Opening image: Natasha Oakley

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