Would You Wear These '90s-Style Hair Clips?

Victoria Hoff

Getty/ Michael Kovac

At the American Music Awards on Monday night, Chloë Grace Moretz arrived in a look that was full-tilt '90s—from the strappy sandals and lacy slip dress down to her choker. But the most nostalgia-inducing detail of all? The duo of Goody-style metal hair clips tucked into her locks on one side.


Getty/ Steve Granitz

Though the last time we saw those bad boys was probably in the front pocket of our high school backpack (right next to the Lip Smackers) way back when, now we can't help but feel that maybe—just maybe—it's time to bring them back again. Simple barrettes and even bobby pins are having a moment already, so why can't these no-frills clips join the party?

Click through the pictures below for more hair clip inspiration, as well as some options to get the look yourself.

So, what do you think? Would you try this look on for size? Already have clips hiding in your drawer? Tell us in the comments below!

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