From Draping to Bold Eye Shadow, 5 '80s Makeup Tips You Need to Try

Hallie Gould

Once upon a time, we'd only bring up '80s makeup and beauty in reference to clashing blue eye shadow and big (I mean, big) hair. We'd scoff at unflattering high school photos and promise history would never repeat itself. That is, until now. Modern designers have started sending their pieces down the runway adorned with bright, flashy lips, dark brows, and lots of glitter. Think the glory days of Studio 54 and Madonna's inimitable "Burning Up" video. And following a few seasons of no-makeup makeup, we're absolutely ready to bring the funk.

With that in mind, we tapped L'Oréal Paris celebrity makeup artist Sir John for tips on how to bring the past and present together in a way that felt authentic and fresh. Keep reading for the current trends that give a nod to '80s makeup along with tricks to pull them off today.

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