Meet "4D Hair Colour": The Futuristic Technique L.A. Girls Are Going Crazy Over

Amanda Montell

When I ask you to picture the classic L.A. hair colour, what comes to mind? A bright yellow Playboy blond? A shadowy ombré? An icy platinum? There's a lot of hair colour happening in this dreamy city—some of it more pinnable than the rest—but one savvy Beverly Hills colourist says there's a futuristic new trend that's about to take over your social media feeds, the red carpet, and eventually make its way across the Pacific (you heard it here first). 

The scoop comes from Matt Rez, a colourist at Meche Salon, who's responsible for the double tap–worthy highlights we see on Chiara Ferragni, Lea Michelle, and many other celebs. According to Rez, the future of hair colour involves an innovative new technique that guarantees the perfect, most flattering blonde, red, or brunette for every client. He's intriguingly named it 4D Hair Colour, and get ready, people; it's going to be the new balayage.

Rez gave us the exclusive on this spellbinding new methodology. Keep scrolling to get acquainted with 4D Hair Colour, the beauty trend that's about to rule salons.

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