Printable Makeup, Beyoncé's New Hair Colour, and More Beauty News

Faith Xue

3D makeup printing, Kate Winslet’s first lipstick steal (literally), and the rest of the beauty news you missed this week!

Why buy makeup when you can print it? Mink is a new 3D printer created by a Harvard grad that allows you to instantly print makeup in the comfort of your own home. Watch your back, Sephora. {Business Insider}

Marc Jacobs is coming out with a new Daisy perfume, Daisy Dream, and he’s tapped Sofia Coppola and Juergen Teller to help bring the scent to life on screen. {Fashionista}

Kate Winslet admits to the time she stole her mother’s The Body Shop lipstick, plus her six can’t-live-without beauty products. {InStyle}

Alicia Keys landed her very first beauty contract—with Givenchy Parfum, no less. {Huffington Post}

Beyoncé changed her hair colour—and the whole world noticed. {PopSugar}

Preen and Nails, Inc. are collaborating on a capsule nail collection that’s inspired by “ice-cream sundaes melting on dreamy holidays.” We’re intrigued. {Vogue UK}

MAC released their magnificent new Maleficent collection, inspired by the ever-sultry Angelina Jolie’s character in the upcoming Disney movie. Expect lots of earthy tones and venomous reds. {The Cut}

Cate Blanchett shares a surprising way she gets into character—and it smells like Armani. {WWD}

Put down that red lipstick— is no-makeup the new #selfie? {NY Times}

Kate Bosworth talks about her favourite skin products and losing her hairdryer virginity. {Into The Gloss}

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