Exactly Where You Should Be Applying Concealer: An Infographic

Amanda Montell

We all know and love concealer for its ability to camouflage dark circles and zits when we need it most. (I personally owe my day-to-day survival to the stuff, as do these seven celebrities.) However, when it comes to exactly where and how to apply concealer, things can get a little trickier.

According to makeup artists and aficionados, there’s more to applying concealer than just grabbing any old formula and globbing it on top of your imperfections. Used strategically, concealer can change your entire face.

“Concealer is not just great for the under-eye but can be used many places on the face to brighten and even out skin tone,” explains Kerry Cole, Becca Cosmetics’ style director.

But applying concealer with savvy isn’t just a makeup artist’s game. If you’re lost, we’re here to help. To break it down nice and easy, we solicited our expert’s help to put together this visual guide to applying concealer!


Original Illustration by Ellie Benuska

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