The One Lipstick Shade Gigi and Beyoncé Love This Season

by Bella Garrett

Nothing completes a look like a swipe of lipstick.  We all have our tried-and-true favourites we turn to in times of need, but it’s time to make room on the shelf: red, a timeless classic, is now trending with a twist.  Gigi Hadid has been seen rocking the bright neon red from day to night, and even Beyoncé has been spotted sporting the red-hot hue.  

The thing is, finding the perfect shade of fiery, orange-y red can seem nearly impossible. Too red, and it looks garish during the day; too orange, and you'll look washed out.  Deciding between Lady Bug and Dangerous or Ruby Valentine and Red Royal isn't as always as easy as it seems. But if Bey and Gigi can do it, then so can we (with a narrowed down, beauty editor approved list of course).

Keep scrolling to see Gigi and Beyonce rock the look, and shop our favourite red-orange lipsticks!

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