8 Times Shoshanna’s Hair Killed It on Girls

Faith Xue

Call us biased, but Shoshanna is easily our favourite character on Girls. While Marnie and Hannah self-obsess, and Jessa is off…being Jessa, Shosh is blunt, unabashedly herself, and says things like, “He works in product development, which is perfect for me because I love products!” (Preach.) In honour of last night’s finale, we spoke with Girls hairstylist and Scünci ambassador Sherry Heart, and asked her about her inspiration for all of Shoshanna’s scene-stealing ‘dos.

Heart tells us that Shoshannan is “the kind of girl who creates her own interpretation of the hairdos she sees in fashion magazines.” (Not that that there’s anything wrong with that!) “She’s a very quirky girl and we try to express and enhance her unique personality through her hair, makeup and wardrobe,” Heart says. From side braids, doughnut buns, and blue turbans, keep scrolling for Heart’s breakdown of Shosh’s most iconic hair looks!

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