8 Foolproof Hairstyles to Withstand Rainy Weather

Lindsey Metrus

Ah, rainy weather. The bane of our existence. Considering things are about to get a lot cooler (and, to add the miserableness of winter, potentially a bit wetter) we'll be adjusting our beauty routines accordingly—specifically, our hair.

A freshly curled mane or a straightened style doesn't stand a chance against a wash-out, so we toss it up in a ponytail, a bun or whatever hairstyle we can muster with a hair tie or clip. You can fight humidity, sure, but why not switch it up a little? Why should boring hair be synonymous with bad weather? If anything, we should take a stand against a gloomy day and make the most out of it with a cute 'do. Keep scrolling to take a look at our favourite (easy) hairstyles that will still look great even when it's pouring out.

What's your go-to rainy day hairstyle? Tell us in the comments below!

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