Now Pinning: The Best Creamy Blonde 'Dos

Lisa Patulny

Unless you were born with the kind of naturally flaxen locks Grace Kelly would be jealous of, you'll know that nailing the perfect shade of bottle blonde can be tricky. Whether we're talking an all over tint or highlights of any description, the best examples of this hair colour undoubtedly come courtesy of skilled colourists who know their way around a bottle of bleach. (And Olaplex, probably.) While there are zillions of iterations of blonde—from Marilyn-esque platinum to Gisele's honey-kissed strands, there's one place you can find examples of them all: Pinterest. We reached out to our friends at the photo sharing site for the intel on the most Pinned creamy blonde 'dos for your scrolling pleasure, so you'll have somewhere to start your journey over to the light side.

Keep reading to see the best blonde 'dos on Pinterest!

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