The Japanese-American Beauty Expert You Need to Know About

Lisa Patulny

Korean beauty is still crazy popular (and it’s not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon if Chriselle Lim's latest trip to Seoul is anything to go by), but as exciting as the parade of mind-boggling products coming out of Korea is, we think there’s another country worth your attention: Japan. Home to some incredibly storied beauty treatments and traditions (you’ve heard of geisha’s right?), it’s not surprising that the birthplace of brands like SK-II, Shu Uemura and Shiseido is at the forefront of skincare technology.

A trip to Tokyo is arguably the best way to get amongst the deeply-rooted culture of beauty and wellness (diet and general fitness is commonly regarded as an important part of taking care of one's skin), but not everyone can afford a round ticket to this beauty wonderland. (If you can make it to Japan, promise us you'll try not to stare at the incredibly clear and glowy complexions of everyone you meet.) If only there was a beauty translator of sorts who could package up all the Japanese beauty intel and deliver it to us via our smartphone screens...

Introducing: Melodee Morita. This Japanese-American TV reporter and YouTuber is a go-to expert on beauty and health for hundreds of thousands of viewers and it's not hard to see why. (One peek at her porcelain complexion says it all.) Morita has two YouTube channels, Melodee Morita and Melodee's New York Life and a combined audience of over 238K subscribers. She's also bilingual, narrating each of her videos in both English and Japanese, and a professionally trained ballet dancer. In short: she's about to be your new beauty guru.

We reached out to Morita to suss out which questions she’s most-often asked by her very loyal fans, as well as her answers (duh). We also picked her brain on what she believes will be the next big beauty trend to come out of Japan: “Japanese facial masks.” “There’s a greater variety of skincare masks, including formulas that aren’t just for hydration, but for brightening, de-clogging your pores using bubbles, and cleansing the skin,” she explains. We're excited, are you? While we wander over to our nearest Daiso with our credit cards in tow, keep scrolling to discover the top 3 questions Morita answers about skincare.


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