9 Surprising Foods That Are Super Low in Calories

Lisa Patulny

Ask anyone who has trouble resisting the call of the vending machine come 4pm—snacks can be the downfall of an otherwise solid nutrition plan. Not only can they blow your calorie count way out, but processed sugary snacks inspire cravings for, well, a lot more sugary snacks. (We can’t be the only ones who’ve polished off an entire packet of Tim Tams in one sitting… can we?) For healthy alternatives that’ll take the edge off your appetite without trashing it completely, we’ve compiled a list of work-friendly snacks that weigh in at under 100 calories per serving. Keep scrolling for a list of surprisingly low-calorie foods!

These leak-proof food jars from Lunchbots ($28 for 2) are great for toting snacks to work without risking the lining of your handbag.

Opening photo: Julia Gartland

What are your go-to work snacks? Do you eat any of these foods on the regular? Let us know in the comments below!

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