The Perfect Kylie Jenner Lip Colour for Every Skin Tone

Deven Hopp

Not long ago, the idea of brown lipstick coming back into style seemed absurd. Well, today it’s back and bigger than ever. Only this time around, the brown has taken on a more neutral, pinkish hue. Dare we dub it the Kylie Jenner colour? But finding the right Kylie Jenner pinkish brown is not easy. Too cool and you look sickly. Too dark and you look dated. If it’s off even slightly, you’ve missed the 2015 version of the trend. To ensure we find the perfect shade, we called in celebrity makeup artist Ricky Wilson (he’s worked with everyone from Camilla Belle to Coco Rocha).

Scroll through to see to find the lipstick that’s right for your skin tone!

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