The Little-Known Lipstick Kim Kardashian West's Makeup Artist Always Uses

Lindsey Metrus

The Kardashians have the Midas touch, especially when it comes to beauty products. Even the products they don’t produce themselves are a big hit, so long as they've been endorsed by a Kardashian or used by their makeup artists/hairstylists. If you’re a beauty brand trying to make your way in an otherwise cluttered market and a Kar/Jen gives you her stamp of approval, you’re pretty much golden. See? Midas Touch.

Recently, Kim Kardashian West posted a video on her app of makeup artist Ariel Tejada doing a four-product natural look with a lipstick you virtually can’t buy anywhere. And we’re not talking a whole line of lipsticks, just that one particular colour. The highly covetable lippie in question? Dose of Colours Lipstick in Soft Touch ($21). Check out a portion of the video below.

Now, this isn’t to say Kim’s video is directly correlated with the impossibility of purchasing this lip colour. Vloggers and makeup artists (Hrush Achemyan uses Dose of Colours’ eye shadow) have been raving about the brand for quite some time. However, we have a sneaking suspicion that the relationship is a little too coincidental.

Dose of Colours Lipstick in Soft Touch ($21)

This shade is so popular that small retailing sites are selling it for close to $90 for those who are desperate for the real deal.

I spoke with a representative from Dose of Colours, Lola, who said that she doesn’t expect the shade to be restocked for another few weeks (it’s a small company), so in the meantime, check out the below dupes that are almost dead ringers for the lipstick.

What’s your go-to lip colour? Sound off below!

Opening Image: The Love Cats Inc.

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