The One Makeup Trend Kim Kardashian Will Never Try

Victoria Hoff

Getty/Sean Zanni

Though we still have a week or two of Indian summer left, we're already thinking well ahead to fall and all the beauty goods the new season will bring: rich tonal makeup, cosy fragrances, and the like. But as much as Kim Kardashian likes to own her status as a provocateur, there's at least one particular autumn makeup trend that even she refuses to try—and interestingly enough, it happens to be one of our go-to's. 

If a berry lip is hardly groundbreaking for the cooler season, it's only because luscious, juicy tones are the perfect standby—equal parts vampy and ultra-pretty, and in our opinion, universally flattering. But in a recent interview with makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, Kardashian says she truly hates the look—at least on herself. "I was pregnant, hugely pregnant, and I did this interview for Givenchy and he put a berry lip on me," she explains. "I just despise a berry lip for me."

To each her own, but we'll still be stocking up on berry hues for fall. Shop some of our favourites below.

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