Real Women Share Their Hair-Growing Secrets

Lindsey Metrus


If there's one thing our hairstylists need to understand, it's that "just a trim" quite literally translates to "just a trim." We're not side-stepping and actually meaning to say "take off a couple of inches." Hair doesn't grow like a Chia Pet, so if we give you an inch, please don't take a mile. 

For those of us plagued with ultra slow-growing hair, a major chop is a nightmare. Seasons will go by before our locks are actually at the length we want them again—think of all the missed Instagram opportunities! Call us shallow, but hair is important—it's the difference between Beyoncé-fan-blowing-your-hair good and hide-under-the-covers bad. 

That's where supplemental aides come in. Natural remedies along with masks and serums can greatly speed up the growth process, helping you achieve modern-day Rapunzel status in no time. But how do you know which ones actually work? We caught wind of six of the most effective products on the market from real women that actually made their hair grow longer and stronger. See what works below!

Have you found a product that helps your hair grow longer and stronger? Please share with us below!

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