Grace Coddington on Perfume, Natural Beauty and Why She's Not on Pinterest

Lisa Patulny

Writing an introduction on the legendary Grace Coddington is a little bit like attempting to scale Kilimanjaro—it's been done many times before (and well), which makes it all the more intimidating. Coddington, of course, doesn't actually need an introduction. Her storied career has spanned six decades, the most famous chapter of which involves Vogue, Anna Wintour and some of the fashion world's most fantastical imagery. Coddington's red hair is also iconic, and her love for cats well-known. (She has several—meet Bart.) There's no doubt the former creative director is a talented stylist, but she's now also the maker of a very lush perfume, Grace by Grace Coddington ($205). Created in collaboration with Comme des Garcons, it was inspired by a life-long love of roses ("I was trying to evoke a memory from childhood of my mother’s garden roses just after it had rained"). Unlike many rose fragrances that have come before, Coddington's namesake scent is a peach blossom-spiked triumph. Sweet but not saccharine, it's refreshingly herbal which gives it both a pure and modern feeling. To celebrate the launch into Mecca Cosmetica, we caught up with Coddington to chat fragrance design, her signature red lipstick and why you won't see her on Pinterest anytime soon.

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