Dermatologists Say These Supermarket Anti-Acne Products Really Work

Lisa Patulny

Fighting acne can seem like a full-time job. (One no-one actually wants to hold down, let's be clear.) Unfortunately, unlike a regular job, it won't make you any money... On the contrary, it's likely to leave your wallet lighter every time you invest in a treatment or product, especially if you're paying for the services of a dermatologist. As a former sufferer of persistent acne, I have first-hand experience with the desperation (and wanton flashing of credit cards) that can accompany stubbornly spotty skin. While in-salon treatments and exxy products are commonly thought of as the answer to clearing up breakouts, a recent Allure article quizzed derms on whether saving your cash is a legitimate alternative. Do the anti-acne products that line the supermarket shelves actually work? The resounding answer: Yes.

Of course, this doesn't mean that every single item marketed as the answer to flawless skin will work for you; your skin may respond to one active ingredient and not another, and you could even be misdiagnosing your skin type. To save us the hassle of reading zillions of ingredients listings, Allure had the pros themselves volunteer a few picks they recommend to their clients for treating every type of acne.

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Click over to Allure for 7 other dermatologist-recommended acne products you can find in the supermarket, and tell us, what's your go-to when you have a breakout?


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