I Tried It: 7 Foundations That Withstand Holiday Heat

Lindsey Metrus

Urban Outfitters

When you're out and about on an overseas summer holiday, it seems like no amount of sunscreen can protect your outer layer of skin from burning. And if you have to get a tube or a metro around to explore your destination? It's pretty much hell. Luckily, though, I've found a foundation that doesn't melt away along with my soul in the summer heat: Revlon ColourStay Foundation ($21).

I've written about this foundation so many times that I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but it's one of those products you shout about from the rooftops. For only $21 a bottle, I've found a foundation that makes my skin look flawless and seamlessly matches my complexion. But above all, it stays put like a champ in the heat. I don't even glisten when it's scorching hot out—it's pretty amazing. But because I've faithfully devoted myself to this foundation for years, I thought I'd take a week to test a variety of foundations and see how they hold up against a sweltering forecast (and my tried-and-true formula). See how they all fared below!

What's your go-to summer holiday foundation? Tell us below!

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