6 Nude Liquid Lipsticks That Make Your Lips Look Bigger

Lisa Patulny


Apparently we're not the only ones obsessed with liquid lipstick. (Well, us and Kylie Jenner of course.) As we recently discovered, this buzzy new(ish) lip product is the most Googled thing in beauty right now. Why? If we had to guess we'd say it has something to do with the way liquid lipstick adds both colour and poutiness without drying out lips. And is it just us or does the liquid texture somehow add visual plumpness where there was none before? Never is this plumping effect more noticeable than when your lip shade of choice falls in the nude family. Whatever your personal fascination with liquid lipsticks, you'll already know they're not all created equal. So in a purely selfless gesture (ahem) we're listing the very best brands on market. Ahead, you'll find half a dozen nude lip-boosting liquid lipsticks worth your hard-earned coin.

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