Sacha Strebe

Sacha Strebe

Editorial Director

from: Australia

Who's your biggest interior designer crush?

Athena Calderone, Sarah Lavoine, Joseph Dirand, Jean-Louis Deniot, Abigail Ahern, Amber Lewis, Kelly Wearstler

What's your dream piece of décor?

I LOVE the Hans Wegner Flag Halyard chair and Stephen Kenn anything!

Whose photos do you heart on Instagram?

@margaret_zhang, @alistairmckimmstylist, @captainandthegypsykid, @modafamilia, @the_file, @oraclefox, @stevecordony, @paulinaarcklin

What's your go-to cocktail?

Mescal anything! But I love a Dirty Martini too. My drink of choice? Chardonnay. 

What's your favorite Domaine story?

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