3 Hacks Angelina Jolie’s Manicurist Uses for Strong Nails

Mary Peffer


In addition to being a leading lady, director, producer, mother, philanthropist, and wife, Angelina Jolie-Pitt also manages to top most beauty muse lists —ours included. With all she’s got going on, it’s a wonder she has time to attend a red carpet event at all. And yet, her effortless beauty game never ceases to impress.

Sure, we get that any designer would be honoured to grant Angie access to dresses within their archives, and that her cheekbones allow her to look radiant regardless of the occasional makeup blunder (remember the white powder incident? Yeah—she still looked better than most of us on our best day). But, how are her hands and nail beds in such flawless shape with that many children? We caught up with her manicurist, Emi Kudo, who gave Angie her neutral nails for the By The Sea premiere to find out.

Kudo shared, "I don't like to exaggerate Angie's nails as I like to ensure her natural beauty and elegance comes through. It's also not in line with her personality to give her bold, crazy nails.” Preach! We're all about a neutral hue over nail art right now.

Kudos mentioned she’s using products that promote strength and growth during Angelina's promotional red carpet season. She’s been using Maxus Nails' Base Coat which strengthens nails and creates an even, smooth surface for polish thanks to silk amino acids and tea tree oil. [Ed's Note: Essie's Care Grow Faster Base Coat, $18, is a good dupe for non-U.S. residents.] Kudos elaborated, “Base coat is really important to protect nails from discolouration and ensure that the polish has a smooth, even surface to adhere to.”

As for the nail colour of choice Kudo shared, ”Our current favourite is ‘Ballerina’ from Chanel ($39), and I decided to stay with the same colour.” She finished the manicure with a glossy top coat to get a little extra shine and voila.

While base coat and top coat are crucial components in any manicure routine, Kudo also swears by something else, “Use fine block buffers on your calluses and cuticles. Buffers are very useful and important tools to create smooth and clean manicured hands.” We like Cutex's 4 Way Buffer Block ($5), because you have both the fine and coarse sides in one tool.

Just remember, “Put some oil on before buffing, so that the oil can go into the skin while buffing. Make sure to buff rather than nip,” said Kudo.

Do you have any nail hacks? Share your manicure routine below!

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