Adele Just Took Off All Her Makeup for Instagram

Victoria Hoff

Getty/Mike Marsland

There are celebs who constantly surprise us when it comes to their beauty look—every red carpet appearance brings a different hair colour (ahem, Kylie Jenner) or edgy makeup look (looking at you, Kristen Stewart), keeping us perpetually on our toes. But then there are those A-listers who, on the other side of the spectrum, swear by a certain beauty uniform—so much so, that it becomes synonymous with the person herself. Exhibit A: When you think of winged liner, who comes to mind? Adele? Ding ding ding.

That being said, Adele's cat-eye has become so ingrained in our mind's eye that on the rare occasion she goes without it, it always makes us do a double-take. Case in point: Earlier today, the singer posted a bare-faced selfie to her Instagram account, looking absolutely gorgeous sans makeup. Take a look…


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